Hoping to attract tech-savvy young Catholics to traditional rituals, the Vatican has released the eRosary, a wearable device connected to an app available for $110, reported engadget. Worn as a bracelet, the device is activated by making the sign of the cross and features 10 beads and a data-storing "smart cross," which will help the devout pray a standard rosary, a contemplative rosary or a thematic rosary and keeps track of each rosary prayed. The app also downloads health information from the bracelet.


• While patrolling a Bath and Body Works store in Waukesha, Wis., an unnamed security guard let the boredom get to him. Around 2 a.m. on Oct. 11, he slipped his handcuffs on — then realized he'd left the keys at home. Forced to call police, who responded and freed him from his restraints, the bored guard then hid the cuffs from himself so he wouldn't be tempted to put them on again. According to WDJT, he told police it wasn't the first time he had handcuffed himself without having the keys.

• Locksmiths at the Timpson shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, drew a crowd and withstood some ribbing after they locked themselves out of their store on Oct. 14, according to the Scottish Sun. Fortunately, one of the locksmiths had a toolbox with him, and he was able to break back into the shop.

Sweet revenge

During the summer of 2018, someone robbed Akio Hatori of Tokyo, of his bicycle saddle. Hatori, 61, was so angered by the theft, he told police, that he decided to become a serial thief himself — until he was caught on surveillance video on Aug. 29 and later arrested. Police searching his home said they found 159 bicycle seats. "I started stealing out of revenge," Hatori told police, according to Kyodo News. "I wanted others to know the feeling."


Halloween came a little early to Nick Lestina's home in Bagley, Iowa. The Lestinas have lived next door to Dahl's Custom Meat Locker for 10 years without incident, but early in October, they discovered almost 5 inches of animal blood, fat and bones had flooded their basement. Lestina said it would have risen higher if not for his sump pump. He approached the meat locker next door for help, but, he told WHO TV, "They say it's not their fault and told me 'good luck.' " Lestina reached out to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, which investigated and found that the business had slaughtered hogs and cattle on Oct. 3 and flushed fluids down the floor drain, which is probably connected with the Lestinas' drain. The family of seven has had to move out of the home while trying to resolve the cleanup issue. "No one wants to see that, smell that," Lestina said. "I wouldn't want that for anybody."

Police report

Anna Lindo, 34, of Bloomfield, Conn., was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court on Oct. 15 on charges that she bit off her ex-partner's finger and then bragged about it on Facebook, posting a video of the severed finger. Her victim told police that on Oct. 13, he had been trying to ward her off as she attacked him with a brick when she took a bite from his right middle finger. Lindo's mother found the finger after police had taken her into custody, but it was too late to reattach it, reported the Connecticut Post. Lindo was charged with first-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

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