I noticed the other day that somone is asking $140 for my Whitetail Addict's Manual on E Bay, this for a book that retailed for $24.95. That is just plain crazy. I wish I had several copies left to sell. You can get an e-mail copy of the latest edition from me - for $20. 

After five years of writing, I am both the white-tailed deer and North American elk columnist for the Australian & International Trophy Hunter magazine, and a contributing writer to Bowhunting Adventures and the Sixth Day Sportsman. I am also a columnist for the Christian Outdoorsman e-magazine, and a contributing writer for Bowhunting.Net, HuntingNet.com and about 25 other e-magazines, including my own Trinity Mountain Outdoor News at www.TRMichels.com. You can locate many of my articles by Googling my name. Meanwhile, keep enjoying God's Great Outdoors.

With the advent of spring we look forward to the return of many species of waterfowl including both trumpeter and tundra swans here in MInnesota, and both sandhill and whoopng cranes in Wisconsin, at Crex Meadows and Necedah National Wildlife Refuge respectivley. And then there is the always looked for arrival of the migration of sprng warblers in May and a flush of wildflower growth for those of you who like to go out and experience nature.

If you are looking for a wildlife trip or photography tour, feel free to e-mail me or give me a call at TRMichels@yahoo.com or 651-450- 0234.

We will be headed to the Black Hills and Custer State Park in late August, for the Bison rut and Elk Buglng seasons. Overnight stay in cabins can be had for as low as $60 per person. We will begin trips to Crex Meadows and other wildlife locations next weekend, looking for swans, cranes, eagles and migrating song birds just about every weekend through mid- April.  Feel free to join us on us on one of our trips. 

God bless,


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