Operating system will roll out to Nexus phones

With little notice, Google just told us a lot about our world.

Earlier this month, the company announced the general availability of its newest Android smartphone operating system. Looking at how it got here and what is inside the new OS reveals much about how different tech works now, when compared with just a few years ago.

Google first talked about the new OS, called Nougat, last March, and gave people the opportunity to download an early version of the software. Google appears to have used that feedback heavily in the final version. Not so long ago, when PCs ruled, a new computer OS was a huge deal. Now speed, feedback and continuous upgrades are the rule.

Nougat will appear as an update on a handful of Nexus phones by mid-month, and later on a new phone. It is said to have 250 new features, but is unlikely to require a lot of new learning, unlike new versions of Windows on a PC. Much of these will involve customization of features and improvements to speed of functions.

Nougat also has a couple of indications about what’s next, in the form of augmented reality and virtual reality functions. A lot of that will be dormant for now, until new games, and hardware such as headphones and game controllers, become available.


Job app aggregates from several sources

The Indeed app is an excellent resource if you are looking for a job. It gathers opportunities from a wide range of online portals and lets you search them with just a few clicks.

Indeed is designed to be simple. You tell it the type of job you are looking for and the desired location. Then you click “Find jobs,” and the app generates a scrollable list of all the listings that match your search criteria.

It is easy to read, and if you want it will take you to the original online source.

Indeed also lets you bookmark job postings as favorites, and you can even post a résumé to the site in a special format so potential employers can easily gain access to your information. Indeed is quite hands-on, and you will find yourself doing lots of tapping and swiping as you use it, but it is easy to use and is brimming with useful job information.