Toast Leather Laptop Cover $99

Help add style to lectures, interviews

It’s graduation season, so if your student’s next step is college or the working world, useful gadgets could help the transition (or bring some fun into it).

The Toast Leather Laptop Cover is a thin piece of leather sized exactly to the dimensions of your laptop. Peel off the adhesive and carefully place it on your computer, and your MacBook Pro or Surface Book will take on an entirely new look.

Top and bottom covers are available, as well as trackpad surrounds. It was easy to install and really protects the laptop from scratches and nicks.

Toast also makes wood veneer covers for laptops and phones.

It can help bring some style to the laptop or keep it in pristine condition, both important for grads.

The top covers for a MacBook Pro are $99. Bottom covers are $60. Trackpad surrounds are $30. Costs for other laptops vary by size.

Roland R-07 Audio Recorder $199.99

High-resolution device great for lectures

The Roland R-07 High Resolution Audio Recorder is a palm-size portable digital audio recorder with built-in stereo microphones and a microSD card slot for storage.

It records extremely high-quality WAV or MP3 files. It’s powered by two AA batteries or through a USB port for continuous operation. And you can set it up and control it wirelessly through your phone or Apple Watch.

You can also listen to the recordings through Bluetooth headphones.

It’s perfect for recording lectures, but it really shines if your student is a music major.

Tapplock One + Smart $99

Lock uses fingerprints as the code to open

The Tapplock One + Smart Fingerprint Lock is a padlock that unlocks with your fingerprint in less than one second. The lock can store up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users.

The lock can also be opened via Bluetooth through an app on your phone.

If those two methods are unavailable, users can tap a Morse code-type combination with long and short presses of the power button. It’s waterproof and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to a year.