Brothers in arms

"Private Lives of the Windsors" isn't officially a prequel to "The Crown," which returns to Netflix on Nov. 17, but it'll do the trick. This three-part docuseries opens in the 1920s with a spotlight on the family's brothers Edward, Henry and George VI. Future episodes deal with Edward's abdication of the throne and World War II's threat to the monarchy.

7 p.m., Smithsonian Channel

Back-seat drivers

"Cash Cab" has a new route. The game show on wheels moves to Bravo, where it will air Sundays through Thursdays with a heavier emphasis on pop culture (knowing the judges' names from "The Voice" is now more important than ever). Host/driver Ben Bailey remains enthusiastic despite the fact that his winning passengers always forget to tip him.

10:30 p.m., Bravo

Stone age

There's no need for dialogue in "Primal," an inventive new animated series in which a lonely cave man and even lonelier dinosaur bond while fighting the elements. The action can get pretty graphic — at one point, a creature devours some dino babies — which explains why the short series, unspooling over five consecutive nights, is running so late at night. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky is also the genius behind "Samurai Jack."

11 p.m., Adult Swim

Neal Justin