Kick from a Rose

A lot has been written about Ruby Rose playing the first openly lesbian superhero in “Batwoman,” but she deserves more attention for her smooth transition into the Justice League. Her first villain, Alice, tries way too hard to pass for Harley Quinn, but Rose’s character keeps her cool throughout, kicking and punching as effectively as anyone else who has ever donned the Batsuit. Welcome to the family.

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Child’s play

Turns out the G-rated version of Tiffany Haddish is just as entertaining as the R-rated one. As the newest host for “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” the fast-rising comic pulls off the role as the world’s coolest babysitter, especially when she introduces a few of her skeptical co-stars to gal pal Taylor Swift. The premiere episode pays tribute to the original version with Art Linkletter, but there’s no mention of the last incarnation with Bill Cosby. That would spoil all the fun.

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Growing up

The animated gem “Big Mouth” may feature sympathetic middle-schoolers, but it may be TV’s raunchiest show, which totally makes sense if you agree that puberty is one of life’s most outrageous challenges. The girls continue to get more screen time in Season 3 — especially Jenny Slate’s sweet (and sometimes sour) Missy — but they’re kind enough to allow Martin Short to interrupt with a sidesplitting song about sexuality that would never be allowed anywhere near “Schoolhouse Rock.”

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Neal Justin