Don’t be stupid

Shania Twain will run through a medley of her greatest hits during the “2019 American Music Awards.” Taylor Swift, who is being honored as artist of the decade, will most likely offer up a retrospective of her own — but it’s not a given. Earlier this week, she was still battling with her former record label over whether she had the right to perform songs of her choosing. Chances are that by the time cameras roll, everyone will have calmed down.

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Here you come again

If you’re going to create an anthology series inspired by Dolly Parton songs, you’d better be high on tough women and low on sap. “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings” gets it half-right. Kathleen Turner makes the case that she should be crowned Queen of the Appalachians, hamming it up as a fortuneteller in an episode inspired by “These Old Bones,” while Julianne Hough manages to rock both the acoustic guitar and Daisy Duke shorts in a sympathetic yarn about Jolene. But the dialogue is strictly Tennessee syrup.

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Downhill racer

“Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season” hits the slopes with the Minnesota native during her inspirational, and emotionally wrenching, last races. But directors Steve and Todd Jones make time for home movies that show her learning the sport at Burnsville’s Buck Hill with plenty of tough love from her first instructor, Erich Sailer. The documentary doesn’t shirk from dealing with Vonn’s sometimes troubled relationship with her father, but it mostly maneuvers around her relationship with Tiger Woods.

9 p.m. Tuesday, HBO

Neal Justin