Hurray for Hollywood

Now that audition rounds are over, "American Idol" moves to Hollywood for a contest that's gearing up to be the most competitive in years. That's appropriate, since Fox has announced this will be the farewell season. Don't pull out the tissues quite yet. Comments from the judges and producers last week suggest they'll all be ready to get back to work whenever the network gets into trouble and needs a life preserver. Hollywood Round 1 continues Thursday. 7 p.m. KMSP, Ch. 9

Grape expectations

This year's Oscar nominee slate doesn't mark the first time Leonardo DiCaprio has bested Johnny Depp. The best-actor front-runner for "The Reverent" got his first Academy Award nod for 1993's "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" while his co-star Depp got overlooked, just as he did this time around for "Black Mass." No matter. Both are terrific in this sweet tear-jerker. 7:30 p.m. Logo

Stayin' alive

"American Bandstand" isn't the only show that originated out of Philadelphia that has a beat you can dance to. "Saturday Morning Fever" takes you behind the scenes of "Dancin' on Air," the long-running series that gave early platforms to Madonna, Will Smith and Kelly Ripa. This new reality series, however, focuses not on the guest stars, but on the kids on the floor. 10 p.m. Fuse

Neal Justin