Girl power

One's admiration for Malala Yousafzai can only rise after watching "He Named Me Malala," a moving documentary of the teenager who manages to maintain her youthful, giggle-prone composure despite the fact that she has a Nobel Peace Prize on the mantel, where most kids keep their sports trophies. 7 p.m. National Geographic Channel

Back to basics

Gwen Stefani, who found love during the last season of "The Voice," is too busy pushing her new album to return for Round 10, leaving room for the return of Christina Aguilera, who will try to get attention without making goo-goo eyes at Blake Shelton. Fans of the No Doubt veteran will be comforted to know that she'll be part of a group of high-profile advisers, who include Miley Cyrus, P. Diddy and Patti LaBelle. 7 p.m. KARE, Ch. 11

I'll take you there

Never shout fire in a crowded theater — unless Mavis Staples is commanding the stage. How the singer feeds off feverish calls from her audiences is at the heart of "Mavis!" a feel-good documentary that tracks the Staples Singers' crossover from gospel to secular music. The film, well paced by director Jessica Edwards, also includes references to how Minnesotans Prince and Bob Dylan managed to keep Staples front and center in the minds and ears of contemporary audiences. 8 p.m. HBO

Neal Justin