Lost in space

You would think a network series featuring a genuine movie star would be a guaranteed hit in the lazy days of summer. Not necessarily. Despite the presence of Oscar winner Halle Berry, ratings for "Extant" in its second season have been all but extinct. Either audiences finally gave up on the weird story line, or Berry's stature has fallen so far she needs to consider "Catwoman 2." 8 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Summer camp

"Cutthroat Kitchen" goes for the jugular in the first of a four-part contest called "Camp Cutthroat." In round one, past competitors must make pork and beans while blindfolded, an easier task than my childhood camp challenge, which consisted of sharing a tent with "Smelly" Stu. 8 p.m. Food Network

Going to church

TV sitcoms are often too skittish to acknowledge religion, so I want to applaud "Impastor" for trying. Unfortunately, the premise — a con man impersonates a small-town pastor to get away from gangsters — is about as shaky as the hammy performance from lead Michael Rosenbaum. 9:30 p.m. TV Land

Neal Justin