Movies opening Friday

Bisbee '17 (Not rated) The residents of a small Arizona town re-enact the day a century ago that 1,200 immigrant miners were left to die in the desert.

Free Solo (Not rated) A documentary about mountain climbers who climb alone and use no ropes or safety gear.

Hal (not rated) A documentary about Hal Ashby, the director of such notable films as "Being There," "Shampoo" and "Harold and Maude."

Monsters and Men (R) A bystander (Anthony Ramos) films police killing a black man and faces a tough decision over whether to make the video public.

The Sisters Brothers (R) John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix play 1850s bounty hunters in this adventure-comedy.

A Star Is Born (R) Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star in a remake of the well-known musical drama.

Venom (PG-13) A science-fiction adventure featuring Tom Hardy as a symbiote (a race of extraterrestrials).