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Title: Christensen, president & CEO, co-founder; Martin, CAO and co-founder

Age: Christensen, 46; Martin, 52

Mary Christensen and Damian Martin expect health care reform and industry leaders’ retirements to continue fueling growth at Experienced Resources, their executive staffing and consulting company in Oakdale.

Experienced Resources matches health care companies that need interim leadership with retiring executives who have 20 or more years of industry experience.

The company last year expanded from two employees to nine as health care providers increasingly began adapting to the Affordable Care Act. Executives also began retiring, creating more demand for placements and adding to the company’s candidate pool.

That activity countered a lull in 2013 and 2014 that ­Martin said resulted from uncertainty over the health law.

“The continued efforts to transform health care have had a positive impact for us,” Christensen said.

In October, Expanded Resources moved from Bloomington to the east metro suburb of Oakdale, closer to western Wisconsin, where the company is placing more talent.

Christensen, who has experience in health care operations and human resources, founded the company with Martin, her brother, in 2005. Martin’s loss of a senior executive role when his employer relocated inspired the launch of ­Experienced Resources.

Martin had difficulty finding employment that matched his experience and realized that other experienced leaders likely were having the same problem.

Q: How does Experienced Resources differ from other firms?

Christensen: We term ourselves a hybrid. We’ve taken traits of both (staffing and consulting). We have a comprehensive, proven process to make sure there’s the skill set to get the work done and the right cultural fit. We’re not just sending three candidates and saying, “You choose.”

Martin: (Others) say, “Here’s what you need to do.” We’re going to help get it done. That’s the value we can provide, is help with that transformational change that’s sustainable.

Q: Do you plan to expand beyond Minnesota and Wisconsin?

Christensen: We do think our model can work nationally. This region is our opportunity to test how we can take this on a bigger scale.

Martin: The same demographic trends are happening nationally, as well as in Minnesota. Boomers are leaving the workforce.

Q: Why should organizations and transitioning executives consider working with Experienced Resources?

Martin: It’s the flexibility. From the client side, when they need extra help and don’t have the bandwidth internally. For the talent, it’s that bridge from full-time employment to retirement.

Todd Nelson