A Minneapolis woman has been charged in the accidental overdose of her 10-year-old daughter, who died last year after consuming methadone.

Faith A. Carlson, 42, was charged in Hennepin County District Court with one count of second-degree manslaughter.

The overdose occurred after Carlson poured cough syrup for her daughter and after Carlson took methadone, a drug prescribed to treat opioid addiction, soon after, charges said.

According to the complaint: Police were called to Hennepin County Medical Center on Nov. 21 on a report of a 10-year-old who had died of a methadone overdose. A doctor told police that the girl showed typical symptoms of such an overdose — suppressed breathing that leads to a lack of oxygen in the brain, which causes brain injury.

Police spoke to Carlson, who said she had been taking prescribed methadone for two years and typically kept the drugs locked away.

“The defendant was distraught during the interview and continually stated that it was ‘her fault,’ ” the charges said.

Carlson told police that the previous day her daughter had developed a deep cough. She said she poured cough syrup for the girl, placed it on the table and went downstairs without watching her daughter take the medicine.

Carlson also reported taking methadone within 30 minutes. Within an hour of taking the cough syrup, she told police, her daughter began vomiting.

Carlson checked on her daughter during the night and found that she was not breathing, the charges said.

Paramedics responded to the home and transported the girl to the hospital, where she died. Carlson told police that she saw her methadone bottle on the ground while paramedics were on scene.

A search of the home turned up six bottles of methadone, one of which did not have the childproof cap secured, according to the complaint.

Carlson was charged via arrest warrant and was in custody as of Wednesday afternoon, according to jail records.