Minneapolis Public School officials are adjusting proposed high school budgets after concerns were raised that some schools were not receiving a fair amount of money.

Roosevelt will get $124,000 more than originally proposed to help the school add instruction time. Henry and Edison will receive $249,000 more than originally budgeted.

The change comes after an outcry from community members, primarily from Roosevelt, that the district was giving large amounts of extra money to South High while excluding some other schools.

Earlier this year, interim Superintendent Michael Goar said he was going to downsize the district’s central office to give more money directly to schools. Part of those funds would go into adding instruction time.

School officials have struggled for years with how to balance funding of various schools, particularly those where more students are struggling. The result can be that schools with higher achieving students can see their funding reduced, prompting an outcry from parents and difficult political calculations for the school board.

Total budget numbers for schools will be released in the coming weeks, and the board is expected to vote on the budget in June.

Alejandra Matos