Cue the indignant Minnesotans. More specifically, St. Paul residents.

A CNN article titled “Minneapolis’ must-see neighborhoods” includes one entry that prompted a collective eyeroll from one half of the Twin Cities. It encouraged Super Bowl visitors to check out downtown Minneapolis, the North Loop, Uptown and ... St. Paul.

“Such is our fate,” resigned St. Paul resident Hillary Frazey tweeted about her city being relegated to a neighborhood. “We have grown to accept it ... Nay, expect it.”

Joel Hoekstra, a nearly lifelong Minneapolis resident and former Minnesota Monthly editor-in-chief, freelanced the piece for CNN. For what it’s worth, he said his story was “fairly complimentary” of the Capital City.

“Minneapolis stands shoulder to shoulder with Minnesota's capital, St. Paul. The Twin Cities are similar in size, but they are far from identical siblings. Minneapolis can be raucous. St. Paul is known for its respectability and reserve,” Hoekstra wrote.

Minnesotans, known for enthusiastically defending themselves against perceived snubs by the media, took to social media after the story was posted Friday. Some St. Paul residents were outraged. Others echoed Frazey’s acceptance. A number of Minneapolis residents took the opportunity to taunt the smaller city.

After hearing his story’s headline had caused consternation, Hoekstra, like many of his fellow Minneapolitans, couldn’t resist one more jab.

“I’ve been fact-checked now, and I’ve realized St. Paul is actually a suburb of Woodbury,” he said.

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