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Fulton Brewing's Hop Kingdom 300.

Everything you need to know about IPAs

Explore the different types of India pale ale, and try our beer writer's favorite examples of them.
Westmalle Tripel is 9.5% alcohol, but drinks like a beer half that strength.

Belgian golden ales are a tripel threat with balance, strength and drinkability

Choose your golden ale adventure: Our picks for the best tripel, strong golden ale and blonde ales.
Provided: A sample of barrel-aged beer from Town Hall Brewery.

How a Minneapolis brewery built its barrel-aged program into one of the best

Town Hall Brewery will soon celebrate Barrel-Aged Week.
Chill State by Fair State Brewing Cooperative. Provided

THC drinks being embraced by Minnesota breweries: 10 to try

With little oversight, a change in Minnesota law creates both opportunity and confusion for THC beverages in breweries.
Fall into a new beer season with amber and brown ales.

9 amber and brown ales that add warmth to Minnesota falls

Taking their cues from English ales, American brewers have amplified the style and created their own malty seasonal sippers.
Indeed Brewing Co. just celebrated its 10th year.

Cheers as pioneering Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis celebrates 10 years

The Northeast brewery was the first in the state to include a taproom in its business plan, which helped lead the industry's transformation.
Bauhaus Brew Labs' Fest box features a Variety of Oktoberfest beers. Provided

It's Oktoberfest: Try these 11 seasonal beers before they're gone

From märzens and wiesenbiers to the less-common dampfbier, fall is a glorious time for brewers and beer lovers.
Surly's Grapefruit Supreme is a light and crushable end-of-summer quencher. Provided

No longer shunned, fruit beers are having a moment

From Belgians and wheats to stouts and IPAs, fruit adds depth and sour complexity to your favorite brews.
Minneapolis Cider Company’s Dubliner won two medals for its Irish coffee cider.

Minnesota cideries are gaining an international reputation

Seven cider houses from across Minnesota brought home medals from the country's biggest contest.
Eric Biermann of Inbound BrewCo of Minneapolis attended last month’s Craft Brewers Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Local brewers bask in conference afterglow with Minnesota and its beer in the spotlight

May's national Craft Brewers Conference was work and play for Twin Cities beer professionals.
A Weiseen Sour combines a Belgian Witbier, bourbon and bitters. Photo: Dennis Becker, Styling by Lisa Golden Schroeder

Craft beer and craft cocktails are a winning combination for warm-weather drinking

Light and refreshing, these recipes will keep you sipping from spring through late summer.
New Ulm’s August Schell Brewing Co. was an impetus for the creation of cream ale.

American styles are making their mark on the global beer scene

After many decades of replicating styles from European heavy hitters, those beer capitals are now reproducing ours.
Giant for a Day is a new double IPA release from Indeed Brewing.

8 double IPA beers that double the hops pleasure

The style is ideal for fickle March weather, with the zing of hops and the warmth of beer that's higher in alcohol.
Fair State Pils is among the Minnesota lagers worth seeking out.

Is Minnesota the Land of 10,000 Lagers?

Once eschewed by craft brewers, the lighter style of beer is full of local possibilities.
Wellbeing Brewing Co. of St. Louis has the reputation of being one of the best NA brewers.

A 12-pack of the best nonalcoholic beer for Dry January

Advances in brewing technology have made the NA options tastier than ever.
Minnesota’s Sweetland Orchard produces a winter reserve cider that’s aged in oak barrels.

10 ciders to brighten your holiday season

Bridging the gap between beer and wine, there's a cider for all palates and occasions.
Pair a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a selection from Number 12 Cider in Minneapolis.

5 cider pairings for your Thanksgiving feast

Whether your meals are traditional or exotic, there's a cider that's right for the occasion.
Summit Brewing in St. Paul held a celebration in October marking its 35th anniversary.

After 35 years, St. Paul's Summit Brewing is still going strong

The company started with its Extra Pale Ale when craft breweries were barely off the ground. Now it's one of about 180 in the state.
Provided Newcastle Brown Ale is among the most familiar of the English brown ales.

Toasty brown ales are the perfect all-around beer for food pairing

As the leaves change color, so does the beer we're drinking.

4 Twin Cities cider taprooms at the core of the hard cider movement

Each offer their own delicious spin on ciders.

Once very popular, the quirky saison is a style of beer worth revisiting

As tastes change, so does the availability of this farmhouse ale. But there are plenty worth seeking out.

11 excellent shandies and radlers that offer a citrusy twist on summer beers

With a citrusy twist and lower alcohol content, these beers are great summer companions.

Red, white and brews: 10 beers to go with every barbecue scenario

There are plenty of flavorful choices for your July 4th celebration.

Belgian witbiers, once forgotten, are popular summer sippers

Once nearly extinct, one of the ultimate summer styles is as popular as ever.

These 11 hops-heavy beers make good springtime sippers

Change of seasons calls for a crisp, bitter bite and citrus, resin and tropical fruit flavors.
State Fair beers from the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild Photo by Mike Krivit

Toast to fall brews with our virtual State Fair beer tasting

Fall calls for heartier beers with fuller body. Experience these six selections, curated by the Star Tribune cicerone.