Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

7/8 Delmar Commodities Ltd. Ceres Global Ag Corp. Ceres Global Ag Corp. has secured an exclusive option to acquire

Winkler, Manitoba Golden Valley Delmar Commodities Ltd., an agricultural processing and supply- chain company.

7/8 Zetta Medical Agiliti Inc. Agiliti Inc., a provider of healthcare technology management and service

Technologies LLC Minnesota products, has acquired Zetta Medical Technologies, a provider of

Lake Zurich, Ill. medical imaging equipment services and parts.

– Greenbacker Renewable Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corp. has acquired a controlling interest

Community Wind South Energy Corp. in Community Wind South, a 30.75 MW community-based operating

New York New York wind project near Rushmore, Minn.

7/8 Sandler O'Neill Partners LP Piper Jaffray Cos. Piper Jaffray Cos. has acquired Sandler O'Neill and Partners, a

New York Minneapolis New York investment bank, for $485 million in cash and stock. The new

combined company will assume the name Piper Sandler Cos.

7/8 Northern Brewer LLC Blackstreet Capital An affiliate of BlackStreet Capital Holdings has acquired Northern

St. Paul Holdings Ltd. Brewer, an online retailer of home-brewing and winemaking kits and

Bethesda, Md. equipment.