Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

10/9 Tepel Brothers Printing Co. Vomela Cos. The Vomela Cos. have acquired Tepel Brothers

Troy, Mich. St. Paul Printing, specializing on customized packaging, lenticular

printing and print on plastics.

10/10 Local Restaurant Bitesquad.Com LLC has acquired 17 restaurant delivery

Delivery Cos. Minneapolis companies nationwide, from Florida to Hawaii.

10/11 Congo Ltd.-Certain Assets DigitalTown Inc. DigitalTown Inc. will acquire technology, expertise and

Austin, Texas Burnsville other assets from Comgo Ltd., whose flagship product is, an online legal service provider discovery.

10/12 Mooncom LLC DataStrait Networks Inc. DataStrait Networks has acquired Mooncom LLC, a

Shakopee Plymouth provider of technology in network security infrastructure,

surveillance monitoring and video imaging.