Trevor May is among the most engaging professional athletes on Twitter.

But on Wednesday afternoon, after giving up his second home run in four days on an 0-and-2 count that blew a lead for the Twins, May told his followers he was taking a break "I'll be off Twitter for a bit, love you guys. Happy memeing," he wrote.

So the big question about May's break was: How long will this last?

About an hour, as it turned out.

It's hardly a surprise that a veteran of 24,300 tweets who has more than 75,000 followers couldn't stay away for long. Social media can tear you down and build you up at the same time — whether it's about sports, politics or your pizza preferences. My favorite game, as someone who plays here both professionally and casually, is wondering how many people who tweet the venom would also bring the heat face to face.

The over/under on that one is about zero.