It's been one of the most talked about debates around NFL circles during the offseason as everyone twiddles their thumbs waiting for the season to start. Who had a better rookie year — Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater or Raiders quarterback Derek Carr?

After watching every snap from Bridgewater and Carr (Yes, I sadly watched every single Raiders game this offseason), let's settle this discussion once and for all.

Both franchises should be pleased with the way the 2014 NFL draft played out because they snagged franchise quarterbacks with the 32nd and 36th overall picks. However, once you watch the film on both quarterbacks, it's clear Bridgewater had a better year. He was more consistent given the adversity both quarterbacks had to face all season.

Again, that's not a knock on Carr either. I came away impressed after watching what he did with the talent around him.

It'll be fun to continue to track the progress of Bridgewater, Carr and the other quarterbacks in that class down the road. But the first round in this bout goes to Bridgewater.

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