Scoring record looms

If you're an old-school defensive mind who's grumbling about the state of tackling in the today's NFL, turn away now.

Trailing the 2013 season by only 131 points — 11,985 to 11,854 — the 2020 season will set a single-season scoring record Sunday during Week 17.

Teams already have scored a record 1,373 touchdowns through 16 weeks this season. Six teams are averaging 29.7 points or more.

According to the NFL, more than three teams averaging 30 points in the same season has not happened since 1950. Three teams did in 2011 and 2018.

Here are the league's top six scoring teams entering Week 17:

Team Scoring avg. Week 17

Packers 31.6 at Bears

Chiefs 30.1 vs. Chargers

Titans 30.0 at Texans

Saints 29.9 at Panthers

Buccaneers 29.9 vs. Falcons

Bills 29.7 vs. Dolphins