1. Ravens (12-2)

The “running” quarterback has a league-high 33 touchdown passes in just 370 attempts. Second place is 30 TDs in 554 attempts.

2. Saints (11-3)

Drew Brees had one incompletion. In 30 attempts. While breaking the career record for touchdown passes. At. Age. 40.

3. Chiefs (10-4)

Apparently, Patrick Mahomes hasn’t been informed of the you-gotta-run-the-ball-in-December cliché.

4. 49ers (11-3)

Last week’s top NFC team now holds the fifth seed and has lost three games in six weeks.

5. Patriots (11-3)

They’re falling apart. They’re terrible. They’re awful. And they’re … 11-3.

6. Packers (11-3)

They ended Sunday’s game with five punts, including four three-and-outs. But they played the Bears. So they won by one score.

7. Seahawks (11-3)

They were missing seven defensive starters. But they played the Panthers. So they won by one score.

8. Bills (10-4)

Playing better defense than the Steelers in Pittsburgh is a nice way to reach 10 wins for the first time since 1999.

9. Vikings (10-4)

According to Star Tribune Football Focus, seven takeaways create a 101.31% chance of winning West Coast games played on grass.

10. Texans (9-5)

Are the Texans good or bad? Answer: Yes.

11. Titans (8-6)

Are the Titans bad or good? Answer: See above.

12. Cowboys (7-7)

America’s Best Bad Team trying to make playoffs as NFL’s Worst Good Team!

13. Steelers (8-6)

In a seven-point loss, Duck Hodges threw the ball 38 times (vs. 14 runs) with four interceptions. Hmmm.

14. Rams (8-6)

Thanks to a weak offensive line, it’s possible none of Sean McVay’s friends will be hired as a head coach in 2020.

15. Buccaneers (7-7)

Jameis Winston had 221 yards on 10 first-quarter completions. The Lions countered with 1 yard in 10 snaps.

16. Falcons (5-9)

Is beating the 49ers on the road in December enough to save Dan Quinn’s job? Probably not.

17. Eagles (7-7)

BREAKING: Philly had one player rush for more than 100 yards. In one game!

18. Bears (7-7)

Mitchell Trubisky and Matt Nagy are on the same page. Each is the other one’s fall guy.

19. Cardinals (4-9-1)

C’mon, Larry. One more. At least.

20. Browns (6-8)

Some of us are starting to think the Browns are heading toward a 54th straight Super Bowl disappearance.

21. Broncos (5-9)

Drew Lock proves he can’t win games or complete better than 50%of his passes while wearing a Kansas City defender.

22. Chargers (5-9)

Don’t blame Charger fans for not showing up. There’s a lot of traffic between San Diego and L.A.

23. Jets (5-9)

Since 2014, they’re 28-62 with one season above five wins. These are the kind of numbers Mike Zimmer’s agent must love.

24. Colts (6-8)

They allowed Brees to complete 22 straight passes over the final 44 minutes of Monday night’s game.

25. Jaguars (5-9)

They had 75 yards and two first downs at halftime. But they played the Raiders, so they won.

26. Raiders (6-8)

Better step it up, guys. Vegas depends on its visitors doing most of the losing.

27. Panthers (5-9)

Dear Norv. Save some of Christian McCaffrey’s career for the next offensive coordinator.

28. Giants (3-11)

How poetic that Eli raises his career record to 117-117 in his last home game as a Giant.

29. Redskins (3-11)

Adrian Peterson needs 1,216 yards in his final two games to achieve his preseason goal of 2,000.

30. Dolphins (3-11)

The Dolphins need to subtract three victories to achieve their preseason goal of securing the No. 1 overall draft pick.

31. Bengals (1-13)

Andy Dalton’s four picks might have had a tad more to do with Sunday’s loss than the Patriots spying on Cincy’s sideline.

32. Lions (3-10-1)

They’re 1-10 since it appeared Matt Patricia wouldn’t be fired.