1. Chiefs (11-1)

They clinched a playoff berth and topped 300 yards passing for a fifth straight game. But a season-low 22 points? What the heck's wrong with Patrick Mahomes!?

2. Saints (10-2)

It doesn't seem fair that Drew Brees' backup is good enough to complete 10 of 12 passes on third down.

3. Steelers (11-1)

It's for the best that the words "2020" and "Perfect Season" never be spoken in the same breath ever again.

4. Bills (9-3)

Will they win their first playoff game since Dec. 30, 1995? Yes, it's been that long.

5. Packers (9-3)

Aaron Rodgers reaches 400 career touchdown passes. Not bad for a guy who sat the bench for his first three years.

6. Buccaneers (7-5)

Meaningless not-so-fun fact for Purple Nation: Tom Brady is 5-0 against the Vikings.

7. Browns (9-3)

How's that for a signature win, Tennessee?

8. Dolphins (8-4)

They're riding a 7-1 wave with rookie Tua Tagovailoa going 4-1 and wily vet Ryan Fitzpatrick going 3-0.

9. Colts (8-4)

T.Y. Hilton produced a 100-yard game (8-110-1) playing alongside Philip Rivers. Finally.

10. Rams (8-4)

Add the Rams defense to those who have torpedoed Kyler Murray's MVP campaign.

11. Titans (8-4)

They almost pulled it off, but it's not easy bouncing back from a 38-7 halftime deficit.

12. Ravens (7-5)

Nothing makes a team feel better about itself than a Tuesday night game against Dallas.

13. Patriots (6-6)

Add this to Bill Belichick's resume: A 45-0 win on a day when his starting quarterback threw for 69 yards.

14. Giants (5-7)

The NFC Least leader strikes back by stifling Seattle's Russell Wilson while posting a signature victory and four-game winning streak.

15. Seahawks (8-4)

The defense is improving, but now the offense is sputtering. It didn't help that they started a fourth-string right tackle.

16. Washington (5-7)

Alex Smith is becoming the best story in the worst of seasons.

17. Cardinals (6-6)

Remember penciling in that 'W' for this week's Giants game? Back when the Cardinals were 5-2 or the Giants were 1-7?

18. Raiders (7-5)

How in the world do you, in the same season, beat the Chiefs soundly and also need a fileable, last-second blunder by Gregg Williams to beat the Jets?

19. Vikings (6-6)

Weird year. They're 2-0 when giving up defensive touchdowns.

20. 49ers (5-7)

Poor Nick Mullens. His last four starts have come against the Packers, Saints, Rams and Bills.

21. Falcons (4-8)

One touchdown in four red-zone trips won't beat the Saints, Coach Raheem.

22. Texans (4-8)

Just imagine if Deshaun Watson had some help.

23. Panthers (4-8)

Teddy Bridgewater needs one touchdown pass to reach a career-high of 15.

24. Lions (5-7)

How fitting that the ghost of Matt Patricia and his blown leads was washed away by the Lions erasing a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit in Darrell Bevell's debut.

25. Broncos (4-8)

They fight hard and do some nice things defensively. They just don't win much. Right, Vic Fangio (11-17)?

26. Bears (5-7)

2018 NFL Coach of the Year Matt Nagy started 2019 3-1. He finished 8-8. Then he started 2020 5-1. And he's 5-7.

27. Cowboys (3-9)

Since Oct. 19, Dallas is 1-0 against the Vikings and 0-6 against the rest of the league.

28. Jaguars (1-11)

When it's OK to lose 11 in a row: When Mike Glennon gives you your best chance to win.

29. Chargers (3-9)

The last thing embattled coach Anthony Lynn needed last Sunday: Belichick on the other sideline.

30. Bengals (2-9-1)

The yardage totals for the Bengals in their two games without Joe Burrow: 155 and 196.

31. Eagles (3-8-1)

Look on the bright side, Carson Wentz. You could be laying these eggs in front of 70,000 Eagles fans.

32. Jets (0-12)

Methinks the Gregg Williams zero blitz call that lost the Raiders game will be viewed much differently come draft day.