From Minnesota natives Grace and John Kamman, the founders of Wholesum Food Calculator, the new camping meal planning app:

• How will you’ll be storing food at night and what is your refrigeration/ice situation to insure health and safety?

• How many pounds can you carry and how will you be carrying it?

• Will you bring fresh, frozen or dehydrated meals?

• How do you plan on packing those meals?

• What are the ages, fitness levels and dietary restrictions of the campers in your group?

• How much will you be exerting yourself and how many calories should you and your fellow campers consume?

Don’t forget to have fun! Pack something special, something sweet and/or something spicy. It’s a fantastic surprise to have steak the first night or chocolate after a long 12th day. Every meal is a little bit better when eaten under the stars. More information at

Mackenzie Lobby Havey