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Hundreds of Minnesota schools and child care centers face an increased risk of measles outbreaks because not enough of their students have been vaccinated against the disease, according to a Star Tribune data analysis.

When fewer than 90 percent of students enrolled in a school haven't received both doses of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, known as MMR, health officials consider the school to be at higher risk of an outbreak, compromising "herd immunity" and leaving individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons especially vulnerable.

Almost one-third of Minnesota schools serving kindergartners meet that criteria, according to data released last year by the Minnesota Department of Health. Pockets of unvaccinated students are more common among charter schools and private schools — particularly those with small enrollments.

Minnesota is one of 17 states that allow parents to exempt their children from receiving the vaccine for personal reasons. Only about three percent of the state's kindergartners have been given that exemption.

Most schools have low vaccination rates for other reasons. For example, students may have only received one of the two MMR vaccination doses, or the school lacks documentation proving students are vaccinated or have a waiver.

Among the state's 1,700 licensed child care centers, about 130 have MMR vaccination rates below 90 percent, including some as low as 30 percent. About 300 facilities did not report in 2017-18, the most recent year of data available.

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Data for vaccination rates in public and private schools and child care centers for the 2017-2018 school year provided by the Minnesota Department of Health.

  • Some schools did not report at all for the 2017-2018 school year, and these locations are not available in the lookup.
  • To protect privacy, schools and school districts with kindergarten enrollment of fewer than 5 children have their data redacted.
  • † "Partially vaccinated or no doses" includes students who are in the process of completing a vaccine series, have not been vaccinated and do not have an exemption on file, or who did not submit vaccine records to their school health staff.
  • ‡ "No doses" includes students who have not been vaccinated and do not have an exemption on file, or who did not submit vaccine records to their school health staff.