Finally due back in the Twin Cities for two Palace Theatre dates with Haim, May 14-15, Lizzo is sparking a good buzz again with another fast-grinding, hard-hitting single about body image and self-love.

Titled “Fitness,” the song is “meant to inspire women all over to put themselves first,” the ex-Minneapolitan said via Twitter. Lyrics include, “Think about how I’m gonna feel when I get up on that catwalk… think about how I feel when I take it all off.” But then comes the emphatic refrain: “I don’t do this all for you.”

The song was accompanied by a leathery, Madonna-esque video directed by local filmmaker/dancer/actor/model Quinn Wilson, who’s long been a part of Lizzo’s visual pageantry, including her live dance routines.  

Wilson’s video for “Fitness” isn’t the only Lizzo clip going viral, either. The Haim sisters also recently tweeted out a clip of them performing the 1998 Monica and Brandy hit “The Boy Is Mine” with their hand-picked opener at a Seattle show. Oh fer fun. Here’s hoping we get to hear both these tunes in person at the Palace. (May 14 is sold-out, but not May 15).

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