Congratulations to Gov. Tim Pawlenty! This time he got another one right, and it's a big one. He opposes the construction of the nonsensical Central Corridor light-rail line.

So-called "light" rail is anything but light. Downtown streets had to be strengthened to support the massive trains when the Hiawatha Line was first constructed. In addition, LRT is horrendously costly, hopelessly inefficient, extremely hazardous -- and it gums up the flow of automobile traffic through a wide swath on either side of the right of way.

Buses are far more flexible, efficient and economical. And then there is a 21st-century technology for urban transit, known as Personal Rapid Transit, or PRT. If you don't know what it is, we have experts available who can explain it with great clarity. It's a remarkable story, and I hope someone is interested.


Gov. Pawlenty's line-item vetoes of the transit provisions of the budget show an embarrassing lack of understanding of how to run government in a businesslike way. No business capable of surviving, let alone thriving, would pass up investing $70 million in order to realize $500 million. It's an investment in part of the infrastructure a state absolutely needs in order to attract well-educated citizens and the business/ educational/cultural growth both political parties claim to champion.

The competition we face domestically and internationally will, of course, applaud our bowing out of contention. We as victimized citizens can only blame ourselves (those of us who are aware of the dynamics of it) and lament the lack of quality leadership on both sides of the aisle that has placed us where we are: on the bench.

I guess we get the kind of government we deserve. One can only hope that Pawlenty will be "promoted" up the Republican Party line of "leadership" where his "skills" can be employed to further weaken an increasingly shrill, vengeful and self-destructive cabal. One can only hope Minnesota will not be damaged too much more as he and they flame out.