I could not disagree more with the suggestion that college athletes be paid (Short Takes, Aug. 19) in response to the scandal at the University of Miami.

First, the cost of tuition has been increasing at rates that will cause students' debt loads to continue to rise. If schools need to start paying athletes, the cost for everyone else will increase further.

Second, I assume that regulations such as Title IX would require that all athletes be paid the same amount. When the money gets spread out, will it be enough to stop players from taking $10,000 from a booster? Unlikely.

Finally, if athletes at public universities begin to get paid, they will be state employees. I don't think Minnesota is the only place that has been looking to decrease the state's payroll.

The money that athletic programs make from these teams and their players allows schools to offer programs and scholarships to students who thrive at other nonrevenue sports.

In return, student athletes are getting a free education and a chance to showcase themselves on what is basically a job interview on national television.

Wouldn't biology majors love to be able to have Medtronic and Boston Scientific see them showcase their skills?

If the current arrangement is such a bad deal for the athletes, why do they continue to accept offers?