Disney bans selfie sticks

Disney tourists are being forced to rely only on their arms for taking photos. The selfie stick has been banned from the land of Mickey Mouse. Tragic, we know. A recent roller coaster passenger at Disney California Adventure park pulled out a selfie stick mid-ride, shutting down the coaster for an hour. Disney previously tried banning the sticks only from rides in which they would be dangerous, but tourists kept bringing them out anyway. Now selfie sticks will be confiscated and stowed at security at all Disney theme parks.

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Experience 'Saturday Night Live' in new exhibit

"Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition" is like walking through the 40th-anniversary special that aired in February, with sections on script writing, the pitch meeting, set design, costume design and dress rehearsal. There's a clip reel of some of the most memorable sketches from "SNL" as well as a history of how it all began. You enter Lorne Michaels' office and see notes from Steve Martin and Buck Henry in the early days of the show. There's early memorabilia, from the Land Shark to Buckwheat's costume, the Killer Bees outfits and more. You see sets for the Church Lady and "Celebrity Jeopardy." The prop department includes the "Bass-o-Matic," "Colon Blow" cereal, "Oops I Crapped My Pants" undergarments and "Baby Spanx." The exhibition feels like an insider's guide to the show, though it is heavy on the early days and the 2000s. If you're an "SNL" fan, this is a great way to spend an afternoon in New York. ($26-$29. Info: www.snltheexhibition.com.)

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Deal of the week

Rafting on Idaho's Salmon River

Holiday River Expeditions has a sale on Salmon River rafting trips in Idaho. For example, two July departures of the five-day Main Salmon River rafting trip are now $1,125 per person, including taxes — a savings of $250. The six-day itinerary in August and September is now $1,210 (also $250 off). For the Lower Salmon River Canyons trip, the kids' rate is half-off the normal price of $895. Rate includes meals, rafting gear and guides; daily $5 Forest Service fee is additional. (Info: 1-800-624-6323, www.bikeraft.com.)

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Lumy app aids with picture-taking

The Lumy app tells you exactly when a photographer's coveted "morning magic hour" — sunrise — and "evening magic hour" — sunset — will occur at a specified destination around the world. The attractive and easy-to-use Lumy lets you set a calendar for your location and date and enables notifications alerting you to when the golden hours occur. You can double tap the main screen and get seven more photo-centric times such as morning astronomical twilight or evening nautical twilight, to name two. ($1.99. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch. Requires iOS8 or later.)

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