Comparing airlines

Fly on the wrong airline and your odds of a delay are as high as 55 percent; choose the right one and that number shrinks way down to just 11 percent. Every year, the aviation insights company FlightStats puts together a list of international airlines with the best on-time performance records. Here are the results of 2016, along with your likelihood of getting delayed on each carrier:

Worst 10 international airlines:

10. Hainan Airlines; 30.3 percent

9. Korean Air; 31.74 percent

8. Air China; 32.73 percent

7. Hong Kong Airlines; 33.42 percent

6. China Eastern Airlines; 35.8 percent

5. Asiana Airlines; 37.46 percent

4. Philippine Airlines; 38.33 percent

3. Air India; 38.71 percent

2. Icelandair; 41.05 percent

1. El Al; 56 percent

Best 10 international airlines:

10. Qantas; 15.7 percent

9. TAM Linhas Aéreas; 14.93 percent

8. Delta Air Lines; 14.83 percent

7. Singapore Airlines; 14.55 percent

6. ANA; 14.46 percent

5. Austrian; 14.26 percent

4. Qatar Airways; 13.66 percent

3. JAL; 12.2 percent

2. Iberia; 11.82 percent

1. KLM; 11.47 percent

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Hawaii studies ferries

The state of Hawaii is considering bringing back its ill-fated, short-lived, inter-island ferry service after receiving a half-million-dollar federal grant to study the issue. The Hawaii State Department of Transportation plans to use the grant to explore potential routes. The last time the state did this, the Hawaii SuperFerry lasted less than two years, launched in December 2007 as a way to shuttle residents and tourists between islands, with fares as low as $39 one way. But by March 2009, the service was shut down and had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Hotel prices hold steady

According to the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast for 2017, hotel prices probably won’t rise much in 2017, unless you travel to California. Demand in the Golden State is “strong,” and if supply and demand rule — and they do — expect a bigger bill. San Francisco, the report said, could see a 9 percent increase in hotel rates. You’ll probably also pay more in Seattle and Portland, Ore., but less in Latin America.

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Affordable fitness getaways

After the holidays, attention in January often turns to fitness and health. Hotels have designed packages accordingly. In Miami Beach, the Confidante hotel has teamed with V Art of Wellness to provide complimentary fitness classes, including boot camp on the beach and dynamic flow yoga (rates in January from $229 a night). Also in Miami Beach, the Faena Hotel offers a spa package that includes consultations with a licensed digestive health specialist. The Enzyme Doctor Program is $1,500 for a two-day package vs. a regular price of $2,000. The JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa has a Wellness Beach Retreat package that includes a healthful breakfast, fitness classes and a “stress victim” spa treatment (three-night minimum, from $459 a night with promo code ZJ1).

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Quick tip for cruisers

Going on a cruise? Pack a bathing suit and coverup in your carry-on, so you can head to the pool while others are still waiting for their luggage to get delivered to their cabins.

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