Among the senators on the White House conference call Saturday was Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar, who praised the president's decision to consult with Congress before taking military action in Syria. "The decision to allow Congress to debate will give us the ability to carefully consider the evidence and consult with military officials before making a decision," she said in a statement. "I continue to strongly believe that we should not have American troops on the ground in Syria. I also urge the president to continue to work with our international allies." Fellow Democrat Al Franken, up in northern Minnesota, was not able to make the conference call, according to his staff. But he issued a statement in light of the president's remarks. "There are no good options on Syria. But as I've said, the use of chemical weapons to kill over a thousand people and injure many more is a horrendous act, and there have to be consequences for that. Whatever action the United States takes, it has to be limited action. This can't be an open-ended commitment, and it definitely should not lead to American boots on the ground."