Post time: 12:45 p.m. Best bet: Tale of Clairlyn (1st race). Best play: 50-cent Pick 4 (1st), 1/5,6,7/all/2,3,7,8, $54.00.

1 5½ furlongs. State-bred. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $10,000. Purse: $12,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Tale of Clairlyn (Sanchez, Rengstorf)119/1-1

2: Ghazi’s Last Shot (Delorme, Pfeifer)119/15-1

3: Connie Lee (Goncalves, Bethke)123/4-1

4: Elegant Flyer (Goodwin, Johnson)123/20-1

5: Belong to One (Velazquez, Sweere)123/5-2

6: Dazzle Tothe Music (P. Nolan, Cole)123/30-1

7: Texas Bet (Joubert, Hanson)123/8-1

TALE OF CLAIRLYN plunges in class with speed numbers that tower over the field; strictly the one to beat. CONNIE LEE will try to steal this race on the front end as she has multiple times before weakening late; 0-27 record makes her tough to put in the top spot. BELONG TO ONE will be the hunter pushing the pace and is a must-consider on the exotics.

2 6½ furlongs. State-bred. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden special weight. Purse: $32,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Gents Little Lady (Delorme, Bethke)123/20-1

2: Cup o’ Tea for Me (Franco, Wolff)123/6-1

3: Rosehill Rosie (A. Canchari, Litfin)119/8-1

4: Demis Romance (P. Canchari, L. Canchari)119/20-1

5: Somerset Bing (Richard, Donlin)123/2-1

6: Your Last Warning (Butler, Rhone)119/9-5

7: Precious Passion (Nolan, Riecken)123/9-2

PRECIOUS PASSION just missed last out with late rallying cry at a big price. Added half-furlong today could do the trick. YOUR LAST WARNING projects to be the one to catch with Butler aboard; beaten favorite in both starts. SOMERSET BING merits respect as a late closer and must not be overlooked at a square price.

3 About 7½ furlongs. Turf. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $16,000. Purse: $22,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Hunterwood (Velazquez, Biehler)119/5-1

2: Two Chance (Delorme, Kirby)119/8-1

3: Affirmed Cure (Vergara, Peters)119/12-1

4: Moon Gun (Carreno, Ledgess)119/10-1

5: Why Frank (Richard, Oliver)121/4-1

6: Vino Limbo Tango (Franco, Becker)119/6-1

7: Kipson (Sanchez, Scherbenske)123/12-1

8: Tens Wild (Butler, Brinson)123/5-2

9: Zeki (A. Canchari, Arnett)119/8-1

TENS WILD exits a late closing win driving away powerfully from the group; facing similar company and should benefit from contested fractions to swoop on. WHY FRANK had the late lead after cruising three-wide but hung and lost it; needs patient ride and is a natural fit with this field. TWO CHANCE gets class relief and should be involved in the mix up front.

4 6 furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $6,250. Purse: $10,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Rickshaw Express (Mello, Tracy Jr.)119/20-1

2: Delayed (Vergara, Diodoro)123/2-1

3: Pick My Kid (A. Canchari, Arnett)123/4-1

4: Cash On D’ Barrel (Goncalves, McShane)119/12-1

5: Lil Bit Cagey (Ceballos, Martin)119/5-1

6: Bearing North (Hernandez, Rhone)123/15-1

7: Kon Rasy (P. Canchari, Berndt)119/5-2

8: Domikate (Butler, Pearson)119/15-1

DELAYED lunged at the start last out and was done after that, freshened up in morning with some decent drills and deserves another shot. KON RASY ran a solid third-place effort first time out and has no reason not to move forward. PICK MY KID has ample early speed transferring up from Prairie Meadows and gets hot young jockey to ride.

5 About 11⁄16 miles. Turf. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance. Purse: $30,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Congregation (Joubert, Hanson)116/6-1

2: Be My Honeycomb (Carreno, Rengstorf)121/12-1

3: K C’s Misfit (Delorme, Kirby)121/10-1

4: Julie Darlin (Sanchez, Perez)121/5-2

5: My Blue Sky (Franco, McFarlane)116/7-2

6: Sassy Prance (Butler, Rhone)121/12-1

7: Prairie Lake (Vergara, Van Winkle)121/10-1

8: Emma Lea’s Song (P. Nolan, Biehler)121/10-1

9: Beautiful Shoes (Goncalves, Bolinger)121/5-1

10: Ms. Bubbette (Carreno, Bravo)118/3-1

11: Foxy Fleda (A. Canchari, McShane)121/6-1

12: Atilla Katie (Goodwin, O’Callaghan)121/12-1

13: Who’s for Glory (Butler, Lund)121/5-1

14: Do It Like Kela (Richard, Miller)116/15-1

MY BLUE SKY has been in deep waters with last two stake races but with decent showings; should appreciate softer rivals. PRAIRIE LAKE is all about the pace and steps up to allowance after a gate-to-wire win in past turf effort. JULIE DARLIN will be within the vicinity near the finish line with her late kick but is a beatable favorite.

6 6 furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $6,250. Purse: $11,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Bad River Belle (Butler, Rhone)123/6-1

2: Queen Otaheite (Richard, Donlin)119/8-1

3: Nikki B. Bad (Goncalves, Keen)123/2-1

4: Meloveda (Carreno, Bends)123/20-1

5: A P Pepper (Vergara, Diodoro)123/5-2

6: Shesaheifer (A. Canchari, Martin)123/10-1

7: Subtle Splendor (Velazquez, Berndt)123/6-1

8: I Forgot It’s Name (Mello, Tracy Jr.)123/12-1

NIIKI B. BAD has been training well for her return race and will be a key factor on the front end; connections will draw money with their strong winning percentage. A P PEPPER had a contaminated trip last out after getting shuffled back; clean route to wire makes her the late closing threat. BAD RIVER BELLE cuts back in distance and class off the turf for the Rhone/Butler team.

7 About 7½ furlongs. Turf. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance optional claiming $35,000. Purse: $32,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Empire Knight (Vergara, Diodoro)119/7-2

2: Waronthehomefront (Eikleberry, Biehler)121/5-2

3: Speed Is Life (Franco, Oliver)119/15-1

4: Model Citizen (Velazquez, Robertson)119/8-1

5: Tribal Dreams (Goncalves, Keen)119/8-1

6: Number Five (P. Canchari, O’Callaghan)119/20-1

7: True Ten (Carreno, Diodoro)121/12-1

8: Vanderbilt Beach (H. Sanchez, Rengstorf)123/10-1

9: A P Is Loose (A. Canchari, Robertson)121/3-1

10: Quiet Man (Goncalves, Biehler)119/7-2

11: Indy Awesome (Velazquez, Brinson)119/8-1

12: Impromptu (Butler, Rhone)117/10-1

13: Bernie the Jet (Mello, Ledgess)119/15-1

WARONTHEHOMEFRONT seeks third consecutive win and has beaten some of these opponents; expect Eikleberry to bide time off the pace before making final threatening move. A P IS LOOSE is a hometown favorite and will be loose on the lead controlling his own destiny to the wire. TRIBAL DREAMS and MODEL CITIZEN are major candidates for the payouts.

8 About 7½ furlongs. Turf. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $14,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Lamazone (I. Hernandez, McFarlane)123/9-2

2: Spinning Steel (Eikleberry, Oliver)123/8-1

3: Luvabullheiress (Goncalves, Pearson)123/20-1

4: R R Mingo (Mello, Tracy Jr.)123/10-1

5: Badge of Honor (A. Canchari, Rhone)119/10-1

6: Unbridled’s Celtic (Carreno, Weir)123/5-1

7: Papa’s Tango L R (Butler, Rhone)123/5-2

8: Aggressive Beauty (Franco, McFarlane)119/6-1

9: Nothing to Hide (Vergara, Diodoro)123/6-1

Wide-open night cap to end the card. Give the tepid nod to PAPA’S TANGO L R, who lost the photo by a nose last out closing late; like that Butler remains at the helm. Stablemate BADGE OF HONOR tries the turf experiment today with snappy early speed. LAMAZONE is allowance dropper and looms as the late closing threat.


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