Because of heavy demand, many coach-class airfares are sky-high this summer. This means it is a great time to compare the price of flying coach with the cost of first or business class. It might only be $100 to $300 more to fly in the front of the plane, especially on weekends. First or business class is a good deal in select markets such as Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, but these front-cabin deals can't be found much for travel within the United States.


Yosemite beach gets summer upgrade

Yosemite National Park's favorite beach is getting a face-lift. Tenaya Lake, the sparkling alpine oasis along the park's busy Tioga Road, is being upgraded with new parking and picnicking facilities. The trail system is being rerouted to avoid harm to the shore's delicate wetlands. The $1.7-million project is underwritten by the Yosemite Conservancy and expected to be completed by the end of summer.


A couple of strategies for hotel tipping

What's the rule on hotel tipping: Every day or end-of-stay? Some experts say that you should leave a tip every day because you might have different housekeepers during your stay, so you want to be sure that the individual who did the work receives the tip. You could always leave the tip with the housekeeping manager and ask him/her to be sure that the housekeepers who cleaned your room receive the correct amount of money.


Travelers may like shampoo in solid bar

Lush makes bar shampoos that can be kept in a travel tin and are a natural for carrying in lieu of a liquid that bothers the TSA. The Lush New! solid cinnamon and clove shampoo ($10.95 for 1.9 ounces; tins cost $3.95) produced lots of suds and smelled fantastic to boot. Available from:, Lush stores and select Macy's.