So, I'm doing the Du again.  It's Iron Girl time already at the end of this month !

( The Iron Girl duathlon is an all female event.   2 mile run / 22 mile bike ride/ 2 mile run )

 I finished up my  Iron Girl 2008  blog post with these famous last words...

Ok - so now what? Now, I recover and recuperate and support Peter for the Twin Cities Marathon. I’ll be chasing him around Minneapolis and St. Paul with a double stroller and a “Go Daddy Go!” sign in two weeks.  And then….we all collapse in a heap on a couch for awhile.

That  was all fine and good. But after all of the training and completing that big event - I collapsed on a heap for  more than awhile.  Sure I went to work out sporadically but nothing like the training I had been doing.

I always apply Newton's Law to exercise: 

Newton's First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, (like getting kicked off the couch) and a body in motion  will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. (like a couch being thrown in one's way) 

Movement begets movement. You begin to crave it.  Couch begets couch. You begin to crave it.

When I decided to register for the Iron Girl again this year I looked at the 12 week training schedule.

Day one: Run 40 minutes.


I realized I really needed to start training in order to start training... if  that make sense.

I remember the last time I trained for the event Vivian was still a baby. My memory is foggy, but I think I made up my own revised sleep deprived mom training schedule.

Aha -then I found the answer.  5 weeks before the Iron Girl  training program was to start, I discovered a program at the YMCA - The Lazy Man triathlon. You had 5 weeks to complete the equivalent of an Iron Man triathlon. (that those crazy hardcore people do in one day).  It consisted of a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 run.  Plus, you got a grey and orange (one of my favorite color combos)  t-shirt for your trouble.  Oh, the things I'll do for a cute t-shirt.

That  broke down to about 5 miles running a week. Doable.  22 miles biking a week. Doable.  And about 32 swim laps per week. Sounded doable?  It had been years since I'd done laps. (Yes, you can sweat in a pool - this I learned.)

But put them all together  in a week and well, that's a lot. 

The hurdle  for me this year is that the kids are in this in-between stage. They are too big for the Burley bike trailer and WAY too big for the double jogging stroller - and still too little to bike/trike along with me. 

That means  my summer had been dedicated to alternating early morning workouts,  lunch hours and evenings  at the Y to get out there and move.

Let's just say the people at the Y know me (and my kids ) by name. But it was a win/win I was able  to work out and the kids  got their ya ya's out in the gym and play area too.

This summer has gone by in a blur and body in motion has been remaining in motion.