“I’m willing to wait until next year if that’s what is necessary. Just because something is allowed doesn’t mean it’s good or safe to do. And until there is a vaccine, a lot of normal activities are going to be off-limits.”

Naomi Krueger, Roseville

“Social distancing for at least the rest of the year. I don’t see us risking bars and restaurants like we did before in the foreseeable future. Testing in massive numbers will be the thing that turns all of this around.”

Thomas Day, Red Wing

“We will go out when Dr. Fauci tells us it’s safe. We have experts. We will listen to them.”

Janette Ayd, Minneapolis

“I am not eager to return to life as it was prior to the stay-at-home order. I am fearful that a full-on resubmergence into society will not bode well for people.”

Amy Oakman, Minnetonka

“As soon as the first places open, we’re out of quarantine. We’re going out to eat a nice dinner at a local place. Going to go and take the family out shopping. Try to enjoy the last few local establishments standing at the end of all of this.”

Joe Beatty, St. Paul

“I can’t imagine going back to normal anytime soon. I don’t think I’ll fully feel comfortable being around people again (in a shop, restaurant, office space) until we know there is a vaccine.”

Katie Godfrey, Owatonna

“I am ready for going to the movies, going to a Twins game and going to a mall. My in-laws are in their 90s. They still live in their own home and we will visit with caution.”

Brenda Goldman, St. Paul

“Personally, I choose not to live in fear. I plan to hit my favorite local bars and restaurants, go to sporting events, hang out with my friends. We only get so many years of life as this pandemic has reminded us. We should be able to live it to the fullest instead of being reduced to a face on a screen.”

Dave Villarama, Minneapolis