In the air with the "Aluminum Overcast"

People had the opportunity to tour or fly in an "Aluminum Overcast" B-17 heavy bomber at St. Paul Downtown Airport 


Gene Louden, volunteer with The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), stands next to a turret gun and looks out the window as the B-17 flies over St. Paul and Minneapolis.
St. Paul, shown from a B-17 heavy bomber.
People queue to look inside a restored Boeing B-17.
Mary Scott reacts as a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association explains how a ball turret works.
Two men look inside a Boeing B-17.
A man steps inside the "Aluminum Overcast" B-17 heavy bomber.
Abigail Josten, 8, looks into the bomb bay of a restored Boeing B-17.
B-17 pilot Rex Gray briefs passengers before taking off on the B-17's last flight of the day. Gray has been flying the B-17 for six years.
The restored "Aluminum Overcast" Boeing B-17 takes off over St Paul.
The B-17 flies over Minneapolis and St. Paul, its last flight of the Minneapolis portion of its tour.
People take photos as the restored B-17 heavy bomber takes off.
(From left) Dick Friemuth, Chris Weber, and Gene Louden sit as the B-17 takes off from St. Paul downtown airport.