We’ve flipped the calendar to December; holiday decorations are everywhere. Winter must be on its way, right? In a year that can only be summed up as out of the ordinary, Longfellow Gardens in Minneapolis was no different. This fall, hundreds of hummingbirds flocked to the garden, bringing with them a small army of photographers and nature enthusiasts. Photographer Lisa Johnson said, “This garden brings us all to nature. Even if it’s just for minutes, it’s good for the spirit.” Joe Fierst noticed the tiny birds’ flight patterns. “They start off at ground level, rising suddenly into the air, sometimes so high they virtually disappear before diving back to earth at incredible speeds.” And they helped Regina Marie Williams rekindle her love for photography after she stopped visiting the park — and taking pictures — when her dog passed away. “In all my years of walking there I’d never witnessed anything like it. ... The garden was so alive. And we all kept coming back, day after day.” Of course the hummingbirds are long gone, but thanks to these patient photographers, we can enjoy them all winter long.