A familiar site is now back on Nicollet Mall.

As part of a $200 million renovation of what was once the flagship store for the Dayton's department store chain, the iconic Dayton's sign is now back on the building.

Mid-morning Thursday, as part of the facelift on the outside of the complex of three buildings and parking garage in the heart of downtown, onlookers could see workers lift the a new version of the sign where it used to be above the old main entrance.

601W bought the buildings in January 2017 when the complex housed a Macy's store. Macy's closed in March of that year.

The renovation will include office and retail space and a food hall. Although part of it will be completed in November, the public spaces are not set to open until spring. Archtype of Bloomington worked with Gensler design out of Chicago to make the new sign.

The complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in July, hinting that the inside also will have vestiges of the landmark department store.