The Icebox Years/Howard M. Christopherson

Opening Saturday: Now a sprawling home to much of the Twin Cities art community, northeast Minneapolis was once just a shabby, working-class neighborhood. That was about 25 years ago when photographer Howard Christopherson moved his Icebox Studio there from downtown Minneapolis. He soon added a gallery and framing business, and set about promoting the area by helping to launch Art-A-Whirl, an annual arts festival and pub crawl. In a fit of nostalgia, Christopherson is throwing up a sample of his own art spanning the past 25 years, mostly classic black-and-white photos from the Midwest (such as “Enterprises,” taken in northern Wisconsin circa 1998) and his exotic travels, with maybe a bit of sculpture and some frisky nudes. Whatever shows up, count on a good time. (Opening party 8-11 p.m. Sat., free. Icebox Gallery, 1500 NE. Jackson St., Mpls. Show ends April 20, free. 612-788-1790 or