Hungarian army at Serbian border

The Hungarian army was conducting exercises near the border with Serbia on Thursday, a possible prelude to a more active role as thousands of migrants continued to pour into the country overnight.

The involvement of the army in policing the border, where a 110-mile fence with razor wire is being constructed to keep migrants out, is subject to the approval of a bill in parliament this month.

The number of migrants in the area has shown no sign of abating, and Hungarian military officials have said the army would help secure the country’s borders.


Sweden banks on migrants

As the European Union prepares to force some of its member states to accept a greater number of refugees, one country is already taking far more than its share and is prepared to go even further.

“If we manage to improve the reception and speed up the establishment of the newly arrived, we could be the country in Europe that can meet the demographic challenge of an aging population, with a smile,” Employment Minister Ylva Johansson said.

“It will be positive in the long run as more people find work and start paying taxes,” said Knut Hallberg, an economist at Swedbank. “Things are looking much better now in terms of the age dependency ratio.”

Sweden’s population is now expected to reach 11.5 million people by 2030, up from almost 10 million today.

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