How Minnesota voted in the 2020 presidential primary, neighborhood by neighborhood

Former Vice President Joe Biden's decisive win in Minnesota's Democratic primary echoed his big victories in other Super Tuesday states as he surged to lead the party's presidential nomination battle.

After Minnesota's U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar unexpectedly suspended her campaign the day prior and endorsed Biden, primary voters seemingly responded, allowing him to defeat the race's previous front-runner U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, with whom he split the state's pledged delegates.

Sanders performed strongly in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but the Twin Cities suburbs, and much of greater Minnesota, trended in Biden's direction.

Explore the map below to see detailed precinct-by-precinct results showing how Biden bested his rivals in Minnesota.

Precinct leader
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Source: Precinct map from Minnesota Geospatial Commons; results from Minnesota Secretary of State