How do the Lynx compare
to other dynasties?

The Lynx have won four titles in seven years, and have an appearance in all but one WNBA finals since 2010. We counted 18 other dynasties in pro sports in the last 40 years. Where do the Lynx rank? Let’s take a look:

Dynasties by sport

Fastest dynasty in 40 years to reach 6 finals

The Lynx have needed only seven seasons to reach the finals six times. It took the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s eight seasons to get to six finals, with two seasons in between three-peats (remember Michael Jordan’s baseball years?).

Dominating All-Star Game rosters

Since 2011, 17 percent of the players on All-Star Game rosters wore a Lynx Jersey. Among the 19 dynasties listed here, there hasn’t been this high of a representation from one team in nearly 30 years.

Surprise: a slight drop in winning percentage during the playoffs

The Lynx have a great winning percentage during regular season – so high that their winning percentage actually dips slightly in the postseason. Granted, all leagues have different playoff formats, but here’s a comparison among the 19 dynasties looking at how their winning percentage changes in the postseason.