Cadillac’s brand headquarters in New York is moving back to Detroit in anticipation of a new or redesigned vehicle being introduced every six months through 2021, the division’s president said.

The brand emptied the final contents of its Cadillac House in the upscale SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan for good and is shipping them to Michigan now, Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said.

“We just have so much product on the way,” said Carlisle, explaining the rationale for the return to Michigan. “We want to be closer to our designers and engineers. Also, with Cadillac taking the lead in electric vehicles, a lot of that was hard to do from long distance.”

Separately, Cadillac said that as it rolls out the new XT6 midsize SUV to dealerships later this year, it will be the first Cadillac to debut a new torque-based badging system that will distinguish for customers the power differences across the lineup.

In January, GM said Cadillac will lead all brands in developing and launching electric cars. At that time, Cadillac showed a photo of what the brand’s first electric vehicle will look like, though it did not say when it would come to market, its name, where it will be built or other details.

Carlisle said to expect that car to market sometime in 2022.

The vehicle will be the first off a future platform GM is developing for EVs that will accommodate all-wheel, front- and rear-wheel drive vehicles across the automaker’s four brands.

GM has been working to build that platform since April 2018 at its design center in Warren, Mich., Carlisle said.

“Taking the lead in innovation and technology will make Cadillac Cadillac again,” GM CEO Mary Barra told reporters at the Detroit auto show, where the EV was shown along with Cadillac’s new three-row SUV, the XT6.

Cadillac XT6 arrives in dealerships later this year. It will start at $53,690 for the premium luxury front-wheel drive model. The XT6 lineup also includes the XT6 Sport, with standard Sport Control all-wheel drive, which starts at $58,090.

The SUV also will be the first to have new torque-based badging.