You don’t have to be a romantic hot dog to propose marriage. But you can request an appearance by the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to make the moment a bigger deal.

The Wienermobile is available for those wanting to pop the question. Just make a request at least three weeks in advance of your special day. Those who are selected (based on availability) will be notified a week before their requested date.

If you’re selected, two Hotdoggers (as the drivers are called) will show up at your proposal in one of the six 27-foot hot dogs on wheels that are crisscrossing the contiguous United States. In case a giant wiener wasn’t enough, they also can arrange for banners, a sound system and televisions. And you’ll receive a Wiener Whistle to commemorate the day.

(Sorry, rides are off the table, but couples can get a tour of the vehicle.)

The idea for this service originated with Zach Chatham, a Hotdogger under the moniker Zach n Cheese who asked his bosses if he could use his Wienermobile when he proposed. While the vehicles have been requested for everything from graduation celebrations to anniversaries, his request was a first, the company said.

“I’ve wanted Hannah to become Mrs. Chatham since I first met her, but I never knew how I would make her proposal special,” said Chatham, who lives in South Carolina. “When I received the job offer, I immediately knew this was my chance to propose in a place that idolizes how special she truly is to me. ... Driving the Wienermobile not only made my proposal possible, but it made it memorable.”