hanzalYou might already know this. Congratulations if you do (but please read anyway. It won’t take long).

So: the Wild made a big trade a couple days ago to acquire Martin Hanzal and Ryan White from the Coyotes.

Hanzal was the bigger of the two prizes, coming to the Wild with a reputation for scoring and being good in the faceoff circle (with a 6-6 frame to presumably help with those gritty playoff-style goals the Wild will be seeking soon).

Hanzal was kept off the score sheet in his Wild debut Monday against the Kings. But that hasn’t stopped fans — either on Twitter or in person — from saying: “Hanzal. So hot right now” about him.

What is going on here?

Well, if you’ve seen the movie “Zoolander,” you know. There’s a scene in the comedy where Owen Wilson interrupts Ben Stiller — both of whom are male models — by making a grand entrance. Wilson’s character is named “Hansel.” Will Ferrell’s character is being interviewed and says, “Hansel. So hot right now. Hansel.

Change the spelling but keep the pronunciation basically the same and you have a great NHL meme with Hanzal. He used to see signs in Arizona with the quote. And at least one Wild fan had one at Xcel Energy Center on Monday.

If you didn’t know, now you know!

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