The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office on Saturday released body-camera video showing deputies executing a search warrant at the last known address for Dolal Idd, the young man shot and killed Wednesday by Minneapolis police officers after he apparently fired first at them.

The video shows a swarm of officers, several with guns drawn, conducting a "knock and announce" search at the home of Idd's parents shortly after 2 a.m. Thursday. The search followed Idd's death Wednesday evening outside a Holiday gas station in south Minneapolis.

Idd, 23, of Eden Prairie was shot and killed during a felony traffic stop. Police released bodycam video of the encounter that appears to show Idd firing first.

The family did not know about Idd's death before the encounter, and repeatedly asks the deputies why they are there. The officer guarding them tells them only that investigators will talk to them later.

The family and others, including state Sen.-elect Omar Fateh, allege that the search crossed the line and was inappropriate; the Sheriff's Office said the court-ordered search warrant was deemed "high risk" and that officers acted appropriately.

Sheriff David Hutchinson said Saturday that he was releasing the video to "clarify" what happened, saying there had been allegations that the deputies acted "inappropriately, inhumanely, and with excessive force."

The camera video "tells a different story," he said in a news release announcing the release of the video. In it, he said he "praised his Deputies for their professionalism."

Hutchinson said his deputies were assisting the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in the search, and that Hennepin County SWAT officers were used because there was "probable cause to believe guns were in the home."

The video shows the officers entering the front door, fanning out throughout the house as squad lights flash outside. The officers hold several family members — including at least two children — on the living room floor. They restrain Idd's parents in plastic handcuffs, which the Sheriff's Office on Friday called standard practice for adults during a high-risk search warrants.