I recently wrote about window strikes -- birds flying into the large unscreened panes of glass in our patio doors. A reader has offered Web sites where information on prevention of strikes is available. Windows, doors, any and all pieces of unprotected glass in business or residential buildings can kill birds when the collide with it. It's the reflection of the natural setting reflected in the window that causes the problem. The birds fly into what they see as open space.

Our reader had such a problem with a picture window. On-line, she found a company from which she bought window screens built to lessen the impact; the birds bounce off the screen with smaller chance of injury. You can learn more athttp://www.birdscreen.com/

She wrote that the hardware for the screens is unobtrusively visible from inside the house. "The look doesn't bother me,"she wrote, "and I enjoy the view more, knowing that birds are not being harmed."

She offered these links where other information is available: