If you have a use for keeping up with events inside your home, the Guardzilla 360 is a good choice. It is easy enough to set up, and the images it captures are clear.

The ability to see the entire room is a plus. The free cloud storage may be enough for you, but adding more cloud storage is not expensive, so if you would like to bump your plan to include professional monitoring, it is cheap enough and does not require a contract.

It can also be enabled as an alarm.

The bottom line is that it is a solid indoor surveillance camera that sees all.

It has two jobs. First, it is a wireless security system. It has a 360-degree motion sensor that can watch a room from any angle.

Secondly, the 360 is a two-way communication device. Through the free Guardzilla app, you can look at the camera’s live view at any time. The 360 also has a microphone and a speaker that enable the app user to not only see what is going on from anywhere but also listen in and talk back.

This is perfect for checking in with your kids when you are not home. It would also be great for keeping in touch with an elderly relative or watching to see whether your dog sleeps on the couch.

Out of the box, the 360 is set to record 15-second clips, and those are stored in the cloud for two days for free. If you like, you can subscribe to one of Guardzilla’s cloud video storage subscription plans.

If you want the 360 to act as an alarm, you “arm” the camera, which enables the motion and sound detection. If any motion or loud sounds are detected, you will be notified, and if you like, the siren will sound.

You can dial back the motion and sound sensitivity to help minimize false alarms.



Goodbye yellow pad, hello graphics pad

Fellow doodlers, there is a tablet for you. The graphics pad Wacom Intuos is for children and amateur doodlers who might need a distraction to get through a meeting. Serious artists will need a more powerful machine.

This version connects to a Windows PC or a Mac with a USB cable, although there are wireless options available. Registering the tablet gets you drawing software. The creations can be saved into Microsoft Word.