Television personality Gretchen Carlson, the Minnesota native who won a $20 million settlement over workplace sexual harassment, has a deal to host three A&E documentaries built around her story and the #MeToo movement.

The first of the A&E Network specials will focus on Carlson’s “courageous actions to confront the scourge of sexual harassment in the workplace that has served as a catalyst for so many other women to say #MeToo,” the network said Monday in announcing the project for its Lifetime outlet.

The other two specials in the series will focus on “inspirational stories of everyday Americans,” the announcement continued.

“I am proud to partner with Lifetime to make change happen by presenting the heartbreaking, but previously untold, stories of everyday working women,” a statement from Carlson read. “We need to shine a light on the predators and their enablers, rather than ostracizing and blacklisting the innocent victims whose dreams and careers have been destroyed.”

The segment on Carlson will be two hours, and the others will run one hour each, said Lifetime spokeswoman Kannie Yu LaPack. The run dates have yet to be scheduled.

Along with hosting, Carlson is among the documentaries’ executive producers.

Carlson, who grew up in Anoka and was crowned Miss America 1989, shook Fox News’ foundation in 2016 by accusing her boss, network CEO Roger Ailes, of sexual harassment. Her coming forward led to Ailes’ resignation and won her a $20 million settlement.

She wrote a book last year titled “Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back,” in which she contends that sexual harassment is an equal-opportunity plight that affects women from all walks of life.