Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zellers is standing with Mitt Romney. Former GOP chair Chris Georgacas is a Ron Paul guy. And Republican National Committeeman Jeff Johnson tweeted his endorsement of Newt Gingrich.

After largely staying quiet on the presidential front, Minnesota Republican powers are placing their picks for president in advance of the state's Feb. 7 caucuses.

In nodding to Romney, Zellers had company. Friday afternoon the Romney campaign announced that he, eight other state lawmakers, including Majority Leader Matt Dean, and about three dozen other Republican activists had endorsed the former Massachusetts governor.

"Mitt Romney is the conservative candidate who has a clear plan to empower small businesses, rebuild the middle class, and create long-lasting economic growth," Zellers said.

The long list of supporters may give Romney powerful voices to speak for him on caucus night across the state.

Paul's endorsement from former Republican party chairman Georgacas could give the unconventional candidate a different power -- that of an backer better known for his establishment connections than his alternative  picks.

"I've actually been a Paul support in a low-profile way for some time," said Georgacas. "I think [his philosophy] is more authentic for a lot of conservative activists in the state and a lot of sort of main street Republicans than some might think."

Update: Former GOP chair Ron Carey also appeared on TPT's Almanac program to support Rick Santorum.

Meanwhile, National Committeeman Johnson issued his endorsement in a simple tweet.

"Endorsed Newt for Prez today and introduced JC Watts at Gingrich rally in [Eden Prairie]," he said on Twitter. Former Oklahoma congressman Watts was in Minnesota on Friday acting as a surrogate for the former U.S. House Speaker.

"I think he can articulate our message probably better than anyone else in the race right now," Johnson said.

Here's the complete list of supporters Romney released:

Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers
House Majority Leader Matt Dean
Senator Roger Chamberlain
Representative Kurt Daudt
Representative Dan Fabian   
Representative Joe Hoppe
Representative Jennifer Loon
Representative Linda Runbeck
Representative Tim Sanders
Former Executive Director, Minnesota College Republicans Tara Anderson
Former Mayor of New Brighton and former 4th district GOP Chair Bev Aplikowski
Former National Committeewoman Evie Axdahl
Republican Activist Dirk Bak
Former Republican Candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Chris Barden
Republican Activist Andy Brehm
Republican Activist Ward Brehm
Former State Representative Laura Brod
Republican Activist Mike Campbell
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Minnesota Ron Eibensteiner
Republican Activist John Frydenlund
Republican Activist Matthew Gall
Republican Activist and co-founder, Cool Conservative Betsy Gall
Former Chairman, Minnesota College Republicans Jake Grassel
Minnesota Republican Party 4th Congressional District Officer Mary Igo
Former Minnesota Republican Party 4th Congressional District Chair Pat Igo
Small Business Owner Gary Iocco
Former Minnesota Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman Chris Jacobson
Republican Activist Greg Johnson
Minnesota Republican Party BPOU Chair Pat Kaluza
Republican Activist Matt Kirkpatrick
Republican Activist Carrie Kirkpatrick
Former State Representative Paul Kohls
Republican Activist Lisa Laliberte Belak
Vice President of Trade Marketing, General Mills Lohr LeSueur
Minnesota Republican Party 8th Congressional District Chair Ted Lovdahl
Mayor of Brooklyn Park Jeff Lunde
Republican Activist Lynn McHale
Former National Committeeman & Chairman of Romney for President Steering Committee Jack Meeks
Former Executive Director, Minnesota Republican Party Corey Miltimore
Republican Activist William Opsahl
Republican Activist Andy Post
Republican Activist Jeff Quinnell
Chairman of the BPOU Chairs Joe Salmon
Former Treasurer, College Republican National Committee and 7th Congressional District Vice Chair Chris Tiedeman
Former Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Bob Weinholzer
Former BPOU Chair Janet Weir
Former BPOU Chair Gerald Woodley